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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) (predominantly Methane, CH4) is a natural gas which is transformed into the liquid form for easy storage and easy transportation. In the liquefying process, some components are removed like heavy hydrocarbons, helium, dust and water, which usually cause to create a difficult downstream. After this process, the next step is to condense natural gas into liquid at a pressure close to the atmospheric pressure by the process of cooling the gas to around -163 °C (-260 °F). This gas has no color, no odor and it is very much non-toxic and absolutely non-corrosive but it becomes extremely inflammable after the process of vaporization where it gets converted into the gaseous state.

Advantages of LNG over Natural Gas

LNG acquires only around 1/600th natural gas volume at the tip of a stove burner. Lesser volume helps in making much easier and cost-effective to transport over the lengthy spaces and in places where there are no pipelines. While transporting natural gas through pipelines is impossible and not very economical, LNG has the potential to be moved by specifically designed cryogenic road tankers or the cryogenic LNG carrier sea vessels.

Applications of LNG

Natural Gas is not only efficient, clean, eco-friendly and flexible in control, it meets many of the fuel requirements of modern industrial society. LNG's main applications are:

  • » Electricity generation
  • » Public and commercial
  • » Industrial
  • » Alternative motor fuel to diesel
  • » Petrochemicals

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